Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swaziland: Advanced Health Care Worker course April 2008

25 teachers from the Care Points and Mercy Centes attended the Advanced Health Care Worker course. This was the advanced course that I developed in additon to the Basic course that I give in differnt countries. The first day was a advanced anatomy and physiology. I held a show and tell dissection lab in the afternoon: we got a cow's liver, an oxen's heart, and an oxen's kidney, and I dissected them showing them heart valves, the inner workings of the liver and the kidney. Then when I was done, the students took the organs outside, and cooked them...and then ate them! Try that in the US!

The second day was all advanced disease recognition and algorithms. Peak Flow meters were donated to us and I showed them how to use them and then we used them on the children. Asthma is a big problem in Swaziland. The third day was basic pharmacology of antibiotics and we finished up with cases.

We now have 25 teachers who are trained on disease assessment, recognition and basic treatment. They will serve as the first health care line caring for the children at the Care Points and the Mercy Centers. This will insure that children will be cared for before they get sick so they can grow spiritually and with His love.

In all things give thanks,