Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 1 Kenya

Fog. Early morning fog. We arrived at 5:45am after 26 hours of travel to fog. But as always, when we arrive anywhere, the good and the bad balance themselves out as we prepare to meet the obstacles and go through the open doors. The sun broke through the fog (that's good), and our hotel rooms weren't ready (that's bad). We have a lot to do. But first here's our line up:

Candice, Kelly, and I from Arizona. Bill from South Dakota. Leah from Arkansa. Sue from Illinois. Yvone from Singapore. And Hapi and Nicholas from Kenya. A major league team of 9! We're ready.

Hotel rooms finally assigned, and off we go to World Hope who graciously allowed us to use their large space to sort medications. And that's what we did for 7 hours non stop with help from World Hope.. We sorted over, ready for this, 5000 doses of prescriptions! Counting pills, stuffing little baggies, labeling them and packing them. Multiple 5000 times with an average of 14 pills per perscription and you've got around 75,000 pills we went through.! Can you see it? The team came together, focused and driven. Bonded, and ready to get up early in the morning for our second day in Kenya: a 2.5 hour drive to Emarti, south of Nairobi into the bush where 250 children are waiting to see us.

The fog lifted. The sun came out. And even now as I write this in the middle of the night (sleep is illusive on these trips sometimes), the night is bright with the glow of what we've did this first day knowing how it's going to help touch the lives and hearts of the children we see this week.

In all things give thanks,