Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 5 Lotubae and Elelea, Kenya

Emma died. She stopped breathing yesterday afternoon. We were not able to go see her yesterday and today we just ran out of time. The health center's director came to pay us a visit at Pastor Parks's house and informed us. Her picture taken less than 24 hours ago showed that maybe she might make it.

We went further into the bush today, crossing rivers and using 4 wheel drive the whole way. The Land Cruiser was packed high. We saw about 200 children. One of the last children we saw had severe conjunctivitis and a high fever. Oral antibiotics, paracetamol, and oral fluids was all that we had to offer. In the US she would have been admitted to the hospital for IV therapy.

There is much to be said and little to say. When you look at the pictures, what do they say? We can only begin to understand the meaning of all of this when we look at ourselves and ask whose are we, and to whom do we serve. We reach out our hands, and touch those who are reaching out to us. We gentle take hold, and hope that what we do will remain with them and us for a very long time. Because if it doesn't, we have lost the meaning of grace. This has been an incredible experience, one that will remain with me for a very long time. The faces, the places, the people, all of it, are now part of my heart and soul. It just keeps on getting better and better, and I can't imagine doing anything else. Let it keep growing. You've all heard it before: there is so much to do yet, and so little time.

In all things give thanks,