Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 3/4 Lokwii, Kenya

A 15 kilometer ride into the bush and we get to Lokwii. A small isolated village in the middle of nowhere and we set up our medical clinic in a church that Pastor Park has built. 8 hours later we see the last of 300 children. We walked throught the village at lunch and saw how they lived.

We got a goat and a rooster as a gift. Not sure what to do with them, we give them to Pastor Park, hoping that these 2 will not be on the dinner menu very soon. This brings a whole new meaning to "medical insurance and co-pays".

We checked on little Emma and saw that she was a little better, but we still couldn't find any formula. She is weak. We are getting tired, and feeling very vulnerable. Can we do anything that will make a difference for her? Just how far should we go? The ethics of third world medicine are hitting home; do what you can with what you have, the best way you know how. No more, no less. We all sense that Emma will die.

In all things give thanks,