Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Medical Relief

Over 100 emails, an hour and a half teleconference with key players last night, ordering medications, satellite phone, contacting medical team members, pulling in favors, over 100 phone calls made to different people and for the most part, our medical team will be tentatively leaving either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Right now we are working on a charter jet, either directly to Haiti from Phoenix or from Florida to Haiti. We will be at the Mission of Hope Haiti location and clinic ( and follow links to “disaster Haiti”. We have a long standing relationship with them and will be assisting/relieving medical help already there. We will be a very short distance from Port au Prince. We’ll be there for a week.


All of this will be with His blessings and guidance. There is still things that need to fall in to place. We are a “go” until the last minute. We may cancel if the unrest gets worse (it’s pretty bad already) or the charter jet falls though. All team members are “seasoned” and have accepted the risks inherent in doing something like this. I’ll list the team members as we get closer.


This is far from anything that we have done before, but we believe in who we are and more importantly whose we are. We follow where He points.


In all things give thanks,