Sunday, January 31, 2010

India medical assessment

I'm in London awaiting my flight to New Delhi. It has just been one week since I've returned from Haiti. Be assured that Haiti is not forgotten and plans are being made to return to continue our medical mission. MoM is dedicated and committed to Haiti and we are moving forward to make sure that Haiti is not forgotten.

But there are other places we need to go to. India has thousands of abandoned and forgotten children who MoM is responsible for and for whom Medical Mercy will care for their medical needs. I'm going to assess 4 projects in the slums of New Delhi. I'll be taking a team there the end of April to care for over 1000 children. A daunting task but one that Medical Mercy does time and again. For me it's about being part of something greater than myself. What we do is simply that which is needed and done without question. The time spent with those less fortunate make up large and defining moments in my life.

I'm on my way to India and expect to see squalor, filth, poverty, and suffering. Different than Haiti? I'm not so sure. The circumstances may be, but the end results are the same. My heart is still heavy from Haiti. I expect it to be so for a very long time. India, Cambodia, Swaziland, Egypt, Mozambique and all the countries we go to, weight heavy on my heart. I keep close to me a latin phrase that reads: "After the shadows I await the light". I trust that it will come soon.

In all things give thanks,