Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Medical Relief

We leave tomorrow morning. We hook up with a chartered 737 out of Miami on Tuesday that is filled with cargo from many organizations. We’re sharing this charitable flight to Port au Prince with a host of other organizations, We have 8 members from Phoenix, a Haitian doctor from U. of Virginia who is meeting us in Miami and an ABC reporter for a total team of 10. We will be adding 2 more doctors when we arrive there who will meet with us, giving us a team of 12. The supplies, meds, bags, etc are all coming together. Just  yesterday, I  counted 135 emails, 56 phone calls, and 45 texts that I’ve send and/or received getting things ready to go. Big issue now is that the cargo hold of the charity 737 we’re taking out of Miami is so full  we have to take our suitcases on board and take them through TSA security. Expect that that will be interesting. We are working on getting TSA to let us through due to our medical mission relief status.  We are now on Face Book, so go there and look for “Medical Mercy” and follow us. I’m also tweeting and that is also linked  to this blog and to Face Book. So go to twitter and follow that as well: I’ve got a satellite phone since there is no cellular service nor internet. I’ll do my best to give updates somehow. Be with us…but more importantly be with those who are there and hurting. This is never about the team, never about each of us individually. It is never about “look at me”. I’ll tell you the stories, show you the faces and share the thoughts and feelings. We are servants to those who reach out to us for help. Serve with us in your prayers and in your hearts. It will be a blessing to have you with us.


In all things give thanks,