Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti earthquake

Here is what we've gotten from our country director in the DR:

"This is the current situation relation to the earthquake in Haiti and DR:
1 - First thing in Haiti projects not reported any damage because our projects are located in the northern part of the country, we have made recommendation to suspend the activities in the project only for security reasons.
2 - Very early in the morning we speak with the facilitator in Haiti and said they felt strong tremors, but these do not cause any harm to children or in projects.
3 - Communication is almost zero in some places but we have contacted a reporter in Juana Mendez and Cap Haitien and keeping us informed and no damage reported.
4 - DR just felt strong tremors and suspended activities in the project for safety reasons, we have two sponsors of children who are here with us but are well cared for and have already been provided with their families in the U.S., at my house that is quite safe and have sent a project very close also for security reasons. At the moment is all we are for Haiti in Port Au Prince is a real disaster, we sent a map where it was the earthquake and where are located our projects so they can see that are out of danger.
 Blessing!! Lic. Wellington ClementeMofM DR Country Director"