Saturday, October 31, 2015

India Clinic day 6

What is done, is done. 1460 patients seen, 99% of them children, travelled to 4 different projects, diagnosed, treated and gave out medications to all of them, and we’re done. But interestingly enough, we are asking for more. We leave tonight to come back home, and few if any of us, are anxious to leave all the children we saw and cared for. Yes, we are anxious to return to our families, our homes, and our lives that are so different than what we saw here. It is the time we spent with the children that gave us the drive, to crusade, to try and makes their lives better by getting them healthy enough and to feel strong enough to get up in the morning and face their day of poverty. So, were we successful? In the book “Covenant Medicine: Being Present When P:resent”, I write about the four actions that we need to take when we establish a relationship with our patients: action (how will we change and improve our relationship with our patients), listening (listen to our patients silently), intentionality (focus on the patient, purposefully and willingly), and commitment (treat patients with dignity). Simply put, be present when present. We did all of that. As I watched the 22 members of the team rally forth, doing all four of those aspects of caring, I was wonderfully awed at their unselfish giving of themselves. And the children…I was wonderfully awed at how they came to us, neither of us being able to speak each others language, courageously, openly and with trust that only is seen when an unspoken covenant relationship is established. 

I thank the US team members and the India team members for all that they have done. “Being present when present. What a wonderful way to practice medicine.”

In all things give thanks,