Thursday, October 22, 2015

India: I'm ready!

So “Father Time”, guess what? There is nothing, nothing, that can stop me now! I’m ready! I’ve prayed, packed, prayed, paid the bills, prayed, gave my last lectures, prayed, did some clinical time in the PICU and then prayed some more. And I’m ready!


Now let me ask you something “Father Time”? Are you ready? Are you ready to keep us on schedule, to make sure all the flights make it out on time, that we make all the connections, that we wake up on time on the first day of clinic after flying for 36 hours and with jet lag, to get the children we are going to see to the projects on time, to give us room to maneuver the big bus we will be in through the traffic in India (you’ve seen the traffic in India haven’t you?), and to make sure that we find time for rest somewhere in the night when it is dark and all but us are asleep? I hope you are, because I am counting on you.


Amen… and in all things give thanks,