Tuesday, October 27, 2015

India Medical Mercy clinic day 2

Do they fit?

It seems that in life we are sometimes given tasks that we just can't put our arms around and are given shoes that just don't fit. But we do the tasks and if we have no other shoes, we squeeze into those given us. I wonder if there is a lesson here.

He was about 12 years old, head held high, no lack of confidence and a character that guaranteed he was capable of anything. I looked at his eyes as they bore right into mine, eyes that questioned the relationship and its purpose.

"How can I help you?" I asked, looking at the grimace in his face that was appearing slowly. He was rubbing his shins.

There was an awkward silence as he waited for the translation of my question and then he simply said, "my legs hurt."

I looked down and saw his shoes. Too small with the fronts cut out to make way for the big toe that was ready to go out and explore the world. His legs hurt. Not his feet, not his shoes are too small, and not can you give me a bigger pair. He was okay with what he had.

We came to India to serve and give, humbly and with grace. I sat before a young boy who felt no shame in wearing shoes too small with his toes bursting through and wondered how vain we are when we look in the mirror and see that our pants are a little tight or the dress doesn't fit that well anymore. We take them off and put them aside and maybe pass them on to the Good Will.

I witnessed true acceptance of what had been given this young boy, no questions asked, no remorse, no embarrassment and no asking for something better. He had what he had, what life and I believe what God had placed in his life and he took on the task, wore his shoes and moved forward not wanting more. So you see, the shoes didn't look like they fit to me, but to him, they fit just fine. And that's what our God wants of us: we may not think we fit the task given us, but He does. The shoes always fit if we want them to. They bring a little discomfort, but maybe there is a reason and if we look hard enough and listen close enough, we'll understand His commands.

As for me, I need to loosen my belt a notch or two. Or maybe I don't. God is telling me to lose a little weight I think.