Thursday, October 29, 2015

India Medical Mercy clinic day 4

Oh, happy days! I saw her staring at me and wondered what her story was. I was in an administrative mode, meeting with the school pastor, talking to a missionary from Kentucky, and making notes for the report that I eventually would have to write. Others were tending to patients, and I to my paper and pen. But I kept looking at her as she made her way slowly forward in line to be seen and she kept looking at me. I knew there was a story there, a tap on the shoulder of "take notice" because "I have something to tell you." I couldn't resist. Getting up, I pulled her out of line and took her aside and with an interpreter asked a simple question, "tell me a little about yourself." And there it was. The story.

She is 6 years old or there about, living a life that she described as "happy." No prompting from me. She goes to school, loves her family, wants to be a "Doctor" (okay, I pushed her in that direction a little bit) and loves to eat. No complaints, life is good, happy days ahead. Go figure. After yesterday, this was a breath of fresh air that needed hand clapping, hugs and a little dance of joy. How wonderful to see the good side, and an attitude of acceptance for what little is given us.

I hugged her and put her back in line, walked away, singing a tune...oh happy days!

In all things give thanks,